Classes at our temporary location

(520 8th Avenue, 16th Floor) will be held

Monday & Wednesday from

6:00-7:30PM.  Please check here for

weekly updates or contact us at 

B E G I N N I N G  JANUARY 2 0 1 6

All of our classes are adjusted per individual so you will never feel like you are not able to participate… just get your butts in here!  We discuss pricing through email or in person.

Krav Maga   This is the reason why you are here.  This class is based around learning the principals and techniques taught by the Grand Master of the system, Hiam Gidon, and our direct instructor David Kahn.  You will learn how to fight standing, on the ground (focused intensely on Tuesday nights), against an armed adversary, sexual assault defense, as well as learning the additional curriculum that could prep you for belt testing here and abroad!  There is no difference attend the first or second hour so come in and learn the most practical self defense system ever created. 

Women’s Self Defense is a closer focus on the sexual assault self defense approaches.  Much more violent than most of the education in the normal Krav Maga class, this curriculum you will never hope to use but glad you know type of stuff.  Part of the normal membership or $50 a month if you decide you only want to attend this class.

Kids Krav is for the little fighter and teen practitioner.  This class focuses on building the fundamentals of Krav Maga while paying particular attention to the creation of a correct mindset and attitude for life and martial arts.  Although the teachings are the real Israeli Krav Maga, we do make sure it is understood that it is used for self defense only….watch out bullies!

Open Fight Sparring and Q&A is when the student gets to put the skills they learned in class to work. This class is designed to allow the student to pick a fight with another student in a safe, mutually agreed intensity, instructor observed, stand up or ground fight.  Instructors will referee the rounds as well as answer any belt curriculum or fight questions.  Head gear, Shin guards, MMA or Boxing Gloves, Groin protection and a Mouth Guard are required to participate above moderate intensity.

Krav Conditioning ***Starting SEPTEMBER 2015  is our version of the early morning wake up call.  This intense, sweat producing, body transforming, blast is a no holds barred approach to getting in fighters shape.  Loosely based on a military boot camp genre you will invigorated and ready to take on the day with a great early morning pump.  Bring a towel and you can shower after class in our facility.  

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