Afternoon cardio kickboxing starts

You have been thinking about taking Kick Boxing classes but could not find a class to fit your busy schedule. Well Kick Fever Fitness is here, Carol “Kick Fever” Glasgow is tailoring her classes to meet YOU.

Let’s be productive in our lunch hour, classes are every Monday and Friday at 12:30pm, 45 mins long giving you enough time to get back to work.

Kick Fever Fitness Kick Boxing is a combination of aerobic, boxing and Martial-arts-style maneuvers that are much more than self-defense. It is an 800 calorie burning, stress relieving, energizing, waist slimming, thigh tightening, heavy bag pounding, strength developing, Fun and Exciting Full Body WORKOUT. The workout also targets and tones your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, and butt for a workout that boosts your metabolism, improves your balance, and chisels a strong, stunning physique. And then there are the side benefits: Launching fierce uppercuts jabs, and kicks to a punching bag proves a much more satisfying stress reliever than jogging steadily on a treadmill. This intense, total body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination and balance to name but a few of the many benefits.


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