Because you asked…..

After the horrific events that unfolded the last few days envolving the explosion and discovery of a second IED found in Nyc, I have received a bunch of emails asking about proper defenses against such attacks.  The truth is, my direct instructor David Kahn and some of our affiliates are infinitely more qualified to answer those types of questions.  However, because you asked I can only say that awareness is key.  Adopting the “see something, say something” attitude is the primary step in keeping yourself and others much safer.  Hidden explosives and improvised weapons that are strategically detonated are extremely difficult to defend against. 

Trust in our CT and associated law enforcement capabilities, keep your eyes open, and above all stay aware.  

We do teach the best hand to hand, hand to weapon, and weapon to weapon self defense system in the world because we are taught by the best in the world.  Stay safe and don’t let cowards change the way you live….and get your ass to class!   

We grow when we face adversity.  

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