Ahh ha moment

Had the opportunity to touch spar with a Kung fu practitioner tonight.  A new student to Krav but a veteran to martial arts.  I consider him a top tier potential Krav student given his background. 

I always preach to my students, new and experienced, the value of being on offense in a fight.  I feel that self defense embodies the word defense too closely.  New students to Krav but experienced in another system seem to be so focused on how to block a punch and forget that you at least have to fire one combative to win the altercation….unless you are really lucky or they are REALLY unlucky. 

After playing with my original lesson, he asked, them demonstrated, if there was any reason why I am so intent on making my students keep firing combatives at every movement in the scenario.  If you step, punch, if you punch move, if you kick, punch when you land, if you land a punch then kick….and so on. 

Instead of telling him, we did a fight sim spar, hopefully proving my (Imi) methodology.  I fired 10 weapons, he blocked 4, got hit by 6 and returned no fire back.  

I was not a dic&@ead about my point and he was totally gracious about what he just experienced.  He accepted the Krav way as a “more likely to win in a fight” system and enthusiastically inquired about the next fight lesson.  

Oh yes, he will be a much better kravist than me very soon, and as his teacher, I couldn’t be happier!

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